Payroll & Tax Administration

Anyone who has ever processed payroll or payroll wage and tax reports knows that payroll is neither simple nor easy. It's complex, dynamic and subject to frequent and perpetual changes in federal, state and local government regulations. It also imposes significant government and non-governmental compliance and administrative burdens on employers, including garnishment withholding and reporting, workers' compensation premium calculations and reporting, employee benefit plan maintenance and administration, and retirement plan sponsorship and related fiduciary recordkeeping and compliance testing. As an employer, you are responsible, and therefore liable, for complying with these mandates -- failure to comply can result in punitive fines and penalties.

Most small businesses are not prepared or trained to deal with these requirements, but we are. PMI, with its team of trained and experienced payroll professionals, help employers administer payroll functions and related reporting and compliance responsibilities, avoiding unnecessary and unwarranted fines and penalties for your company. We provide easy and flexible payroll solutions, enabling you to focus your attention on your primary business.


  • Secure online submission
  • Internet time sheet
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Toll-free telephone


  • Form 941 wage and tax reporting
  • Federal and state unemployment tax management
  • State and local income tax administration
  • W-2 and 1099 printing and reporting
  • Unemployment claims management