Test your HR compliance -- FREE!
  Yes No  
  Do you have a written policy regarding harassment and/or sexual harassment in the workplace?
  Do you have a binding arbitration policy?
  Do you have I-9's completed on all employees?
  Do you have a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan (pre-tax employee contributions)?
  Do you have a retirement plan (such as 401(k))?
     If yes, do you have an investment policy?     Yes     No
  Do you have a signed waiver from any and all employees who elect not to participate in employee benefits?
  Do you conduct an exit interview on all terminated employees?
  Do you provide COBRA & HIPAA notices for all new hire employees?
  Do you have a corporate Privacy Officer?
  Do you have employee handbooks?
  Do you have a master employee file that includes all employee records or applications for employee benefits?
  Do you have Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) coverage for your company?
  Do you have a signed acknowledgement from all employees regarding FACTA compliance (identity theft - personal & corporate information)?
  Do you require drug screening for either pre-employment, random or worksite injury or accident?
  Do you have a written return-to-work or light-duty program for employees injured on the work-site?
  Do you have a written safety program?